Happy Birthday Wifyyy

3 years back, I used to walk alone in the Anna Tower Park early in the morning. There would be greeneries around, trees swaying like pendulum, cool breeze greeting me with warmth, birds chirping around and singing for me and no one on the pathway. When I was walking in this serene environment, out of the blue a thought struck my mind – Wouldn’t it be nice to walk early in the morning with another hand clasped with mine?

Ah I was lucky. Probably my thought was loud enough that a cupid’s arrow struck me. It just took few months to clasp my hands with the cupid’s hand.

  • Her eyes defined expressiveness
  • Her voice defined sweetness
  • Her thoughts defined clarity
  • Her actions defined purity

Now life looks more beautiful. And now during the morning walk, the same serene environment looks pristine.

She was there as a friend,

Whenever I needed support

She was were there as a candle,

Whenever I was in the dark

She was there as a Chef,

Whenever I preferred home food

She was there as a reminder,

Whenever I forgot something

She was there as a competitor,

Whenever I fought with her

She was there as an ATM,

Whenever I needed money

She was there as a Financial advisor,

Whenever I messed up with money

She was there as Google,

Whenever I needed ideas

She was there as a teddy bear,

Whenever I needed a hug

For all that you have done, a thanks wouldn’t suffice. 🙂

Love you loads… Wishing you a very very happy birthday and loads and loads of happiness in life 🙂

Your smile is contagious. Keep smiling and am sure it will spread throughout 🙂


Deteriorating Pitch

The pitch looks very different. It is quite hard with very less grass and no cracks in it. Grasses are very weak that they are dying quickly. The pitch has deteriorated very badly that in another 5 years we will not be able to see even a trace of grass. I am not talking about cricket pitch but about my pitch, my scalp. My hair line is receding or rather my scalp is advancing.

Hair loss was bothering me to the maximum possible extent. Whichever place I went or whatever I did, embarrassments or tough times followed. Even my friend’s little daughter Anuja makes fun of me. She saw my FB profile pic (shown below) and she sang,

Anand FB Profile Pic

“Johny Johny yes papa..

Using Cap No papa

Show your hair, Ha ha ha..”

At Salon:

With the hair that was left in my head, I walked to a beauty salon “Naturals”

Without any hesitation, I asked the stylist “I wish to get some hair styling done. Do whatever is possible with my hair.” He replied “Am sorry sir. Styling is not possible for this hair”

Grrrrrrrr… I was irritated. I wanted something on my head and I decided to visit a doctor.

At doctor’s place:

Doctor asked for my problem and with a pitiful face, I told her “I have less hair but I don’t have any dandruff”

“Dandruff comes only if hair is there”, she replied

There cannot be a better way to kick start a conversation 🙂 😦

The doctor examined my hair.. Ouchhh! She suddenly pulled out a bunch of hair from the front portion of head. I was shocked on seeing that bunch. That seemed like Gold to me. That was the first time I valued my hair so much when I saw it going out of my head as a BUNCH.. A BUNCH!!!

“I took this bunch to check the pattern of your baldness” she said

“If you could have asked me, I would have told you” was my inner voice.

She calmed me down and she prescribed some medications after doing some tests on the sample bunch.

She gave me a hair cleaner.  After applying the hair cleaner, my hair fell so badly that I needed a vacuum cleaner to clean the place. Never trust the doctors who say “We will help you grow your hair”. In the end, it is we who end up helping them grow their business.

My thought process before visiting a doctor was “Money would go and Hair would come in the empty spaces”

But after visiting, I realized “Hair would go and nice air would come in the spaces”

I lost my hope on doctors after that.

At home:

I went home. My parents were discussing about my marriage and they asked me “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Ask bald guys about girlfriends/relationships and they will stare at you like they are going to kill you. At least most of them will. You will uncover at least 100 different stories from them.

I said ‘No’ and I went to my bedroom. I have heard some parents say to their sons “You must compromise on the beauty of the girl as you are bald headed”. How demotivating? Thank god I had some hair.

The brilliant dream:

Thoughts about all these were fluctuating in my mind at the speed of light and to get rid of those I decided to doze off. I had the dream of my life – Dating my girlfriend. Usually dreams come based on something that we see or think about. But what is this totally unrelated? Read further to know if it is related or not.

Usually men take 2mins to get ready but I take 10mins to get ready – 1min to dress up and 9mins to comb my hair. It is a tough job..

Gap analysis has to be done.

Long hair analysis has to be done..

Pulling long hairs to the gaps has to be done.

Since it was dating my girlfriend, I took 20mins to get ready with extra tinkering done here and there

After I got dressed up, my girlfriend and I started walking. Some dust particle fell in my eyes. She opened my eyes widely and blew with full force to remove that dust particle. When she blew, my long hair flew showing that extravagant space. My girlfriend looked at me bizarrely. And I woke up. A dream had just told me the fact of life.

Yes, one blow or one soft breeze will make that long hair stand up showing that extravagant space. This is one of the reasons why people don’t keep table fan during their wedding reception.

Root Cause Analysis:

Because of my hair loss, tough times were part of my life. I contemplated for the reasons for hair loss and I found 1 major reason..

My Mother’s father, my mother’s younger brother, my mother’s elder brother, my father’s father, my father, his younger brother, his elder brother – none of them have anything on their head. I mean the hair. They are so bald that even a wig will slide and fall.

I kept pondering over what can be done. Remember, A hair a day keeps my marriage away..


I decided to get married as soon as possible…

Rigorous Bride search was on,

After hopes on my hair were gone

Days passed, months passed….

Now that I am married, I find my life bright and sunny,

Looking back, I laugh at those instances for they seem funny

This was a different attempt using self-deprecating humor. Need your comments to know about my attempt 🙂

PS: We need moments in life to look back and laugh at… 🙂

SpiceJet adds spice to my life – My first flight experience

  • There were times when my grandmother told stories about her husband travelling to different countries
  • There were times when my eyes swept the sky to see a plane pass by
  • There were times when I played with my friends in the terrace and suddenly shouted  out of excitement “Hey Aeroplane.. Hey Aeroplane”
  • There were times when movies showcased the entire city from the top and enthralled my imaginations
  • There were times when I saw my father bidding adieu to me and flying on the giant bird in front of my eyes

I was a small kid and thoughts about these lingered in my mind. I couldn’t resist my curiosity and inquisitiveness. They surged at every tick of the clock. The view of harmonious oceans, peaceful cities, captivating clouds, chirping birds, blue blue skies, green green earth, ant like people from the flight.. Amazing!!! Expectations.. They just grew.. My heart raced. I wanted to fly as soon as possible. The wait was long indeed!!

The D-Day arrived – Feb 21st 2009, Sunday. The time came for me to get into the Giant Bird “SpiceJet”. I entered the Airport with my head held high conveying that I am going to travel today and that my little dream is going to come true. With all smiles, I got my ticket verified and got the travel tag stuck to my travel kit. I just didn’t want to remove the tag. Tag seemed to me like my ID card. I was screened everywhere by security and I screened everything as well.  Just didn’t want to miss anything. This was the first time I had crossed the waiting area. Wow!! It looked awesome – People around, announcements, flights in my vision, security guards with heavy guns, nice looking girls n what not.

Announcement: “Passengers for the SpiceJet flight are requested to take gate number 2”.

There is the moment. I was nearing. The sense of Joy.. I could feel it.. Bus was waiting in the pathway. I boarded it and gazed at so many flights. What a sight!! It just took my breath away for a second.. I have never looked at the flights so closer in my life. The clean roads, humongous flights, and musical lights everything looked beautiful. I started off from the bus to climb the stairs of the Giant bird ,SpiceJet flight. Right u guessed it,. The beautiful Air Hostess welcomed me “Welcome sir.. Your seat number?”. The sight of the interior design was stupendous.


“Ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of SpiceJet Airlines, I would like to welcome you on board our flight from Chennai to Mumbai.

Our flight time will be of 2 hours and 30 minutes. We will be flying at an altitude of XXX feet/meters at a ground speed of YYY miles per hour/kilometers per hour.

At this time, make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position. Also make sure your seat belt is correctly fastened. Also, we advise you that as of this moment, any electronic equipment must be turned off. Thank you.”

I didn’t know how to wear the seat belt. The beautiful Air hostess saw me struggling and she helped me out. An old man sitting in front of me asked “First time??”. I Said ‘Yes’ with a smile.

Flight’s engine roared. My heart soared. Slowly, slowly, I was moving towards my dream. I was peeping out with my face stuck to the window like I was seeing the world for the first time. It seemed quite analogous to a baby seeing around when it is brought out of the house for the first time. I was in my own world..

Flight moved faster.  Now, really fassstttttttttttttttt.. The take-off took off my thoughts to a different dimension. I took a deep breath, relaxed and told myself “Anand, this is reality and no dreaming anymore”.  Now my head remained stuck to the window and my eye balls rotated 360 degrees to capture the reassuring earth, captivating clouds, chirping birds, harmonious oceans, peaceful cities and ant like people. My head went in all angles/degrees to cover as many views as possible.  People looked at me bizarrely. I just didn’t bother. I loved the scenic beauty. I was flying internally, externally and eternally..

“There are many boys down.. Now their eyes are sweeping the sky looking at my giant bird pass by”.. They will fly like me someday.. 🙂