Unconditional Love

I am not sure how long my grandmother will be there in this world. She is ill and suffering now.. She is 93yrs old. I have never ever seen a hard worker like her but I guess god has ordered her to take rest now.. Yesterday, she couldn’t bear her heart pain and she said “I am going to die” and she wanted to see all her sons, daughters and grand children as soon as possible. Everyone arrived immediately and we were with her. Her son (My Uncle), whose house she was in, had a severe headache that day morning. We told him “Go and sleep since you have severe headache” and my grandmother somehow heard what we said. Time passed by and it was night..

Grandmother (In the bed.. Not even able to turn and see her son properly.. Suffering with pain..): Calling her son through actions .. Says come come with her hands

My uncle goes near her and bends forward

Grandmother: Did u take tablets for your headache? Are you ok now?

Inspite of her suffering, inspite of her fear of leaving the world, she asks her son this question without forgetting.

This is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The moment was truly emotional for me. It just conveyed one thing. “Money isn’t life and it alone cannot bring you happiness”.. People, who go behind money all the time, just give it a thought.