Early morning walk….

It has been long since I experienced a heavenly atmosphere. Getting up, stretching my body and twisting it to a certain degree, pressing the snooze button and going back to the cozy bed. Suddenly I wake up to see the clock show 8am. I get up, brush, take bath, eat, go to class and mark my presence through the biometric reader.

Sleep Sleep Sleep my eyes begged. Classes and my dreams went on in parallel. Conscious mind was blemished with array of thoughts that kept switching with the speed of light. Listening went to least possible extent that knowledge was a debt for me. I became lackadaisical in my approach towards certain subjects.  I wished something could rejuvenate me. I felt numb. I tried out various means like Table Tennis, Cricket but still I didn’t find my true charm. Woke up today at 5.30am with a really bad and illogical dream. I imputed all these bad experiences to sleep deprivation and loads of stress.

Wanted some peace and started walking down the hostel lane. Was this the moment???? Greeneries around, trees swaying like pendulum, cool breeze greeting me with warmth, birds chirping around and singing for me, no one on the pathway…. The stage was set for me to dance with my arms wide open and to sing aloud. Admiring the scenic beauty, I reached the Amphitheatre and sat there for 10mins thinking about my life as such and about my friends.

Nature rejuvenated me and made me jubilant. Now that I have become obsessed with these thoughts, I plan to date her (Scenic beauty) everyday in the morning without spending any money 🙂