When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Inspired by Mr.T.T Rangarajan, author of unposted letter, and his way of writing, I have taken some content from his book and some from my personal experiences for my project-8 in wordsmiths toastmasters club. Topic: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

  • Speech was recorded using a 7 mega pixel camera.
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 And now, have fun watching it. If you feel that the recording wasn’t efficient enough to send the message across to your ears, then the script would lie beneath the video to send the message to your mind through your eyes. 🙂 


For most people life is a repetitive drill. Waking up at the same time, struggling in bed for a few minutes before getting up, brushing the same way, drinking the same coffee, reading the same newspaper, a time bound bath, a hurried breakfast, road rage on the way to work, same office, same work, gossip and lunch, same talk, same route back home, same wife, same in-laws to tackle, same mega serials, same arguments, compulsive dinner, same bed, crash out and wake up another time to another day to the same drill.

Life needn’t be mundane. Life needn’t be boring. Life needn’t be a year’s experience repeated ‘n’ times. Life needn’t be an imposition. Life needn’t be a life imprisonment. There’s more to life than existing.

Pursue a new proficiency every year and see how exciting life can be. It could be music lessons, dance classes, new fitness regimes, yoga, new languages, advanced grammar, creative writing, public speaking, cooking classes, painting, handwriting, culture, new art forms, driving, swimming, technical education, training someone, gardening, raising pets, photography, filming etc. The list is truly endless. Remain an active student.

We forget to explore our lives. Keep experimenting. Feed your curiosity and inquisitiveness. Keep attempting something that hasn’t been attempted before. Try a new hairstyle, if u have hair. Visit some unusual places. No pun intended. Try out new cuisines, try out a candlelight dinner. Spend a day blindfolded in a family. Do not speak for a day and communicate through actions. Switch roles at your workplace. Change the way you propose.

Consider this scenario

Boy: I love u and I would die for u.

Girl: I am so lucky to have u in my life.

Consider the other end of it

Boy: I love u and I would die for u.

Girl: But how soon? 🙂

The old style has long gone and you would only end up getting screwed up. Get creative with life. Everyone is creative but it is we who suppress the creative thoughts in us. Look at the below pictures,




Urgency in the morning, hectic work, back home and quarrel 

Urgency in the morning, hectic work, back home and quarrel.

What do you comprehend from this? 

Kids explore various options and enjoy their life to the maximum and in turn learn something out of every activity. We- the working class go into our own shell and we never come out of this hell. This shell life kills the child in us and we do not enjoy the way children do. Not even a 10 percent. This is the point when you actually start living dead on this earth. Life seems to be monotonous. Life seems to be killing us. 

But what is stopping or suppressing our thoughts from doing other activities? 

  1. Fear of what others would say or the society
  2. Feeling inhibited
  3. Lack of confidence
  4. Most importantly – Age being considered a bar to anything and everything

I love kids. Say for instance, I play with a 10yr old kid. Immediately people step on the gas and say “Come on man. Interact with people of your age”. These are the people who love Nehru and celebrate his birthday as children’s day. Isn’t it a paradox? There are so many other paradoxical statements like this

I am learning music now.. I am also part of toastmasters. Soon I will learn a different instrument. Soon after that I will learn photography. I will remain an active student throughout my life. When I do this and when my better half pursues her interests and when we compliment each other, we have so many things to share rather than the monotonous “how was the day, what did your boss say, was the work hectic, any conflicts etc “. When these questions are accentuated upon again and again for 3 or 4 days, your life seems to be dumb.

More than all your successes, achievements and accomplishments, the formula to a lively life is to keep answering this question “When was the last time I did something for the first time”.

Celebrate life. Stamp your presence on every day of your life. Give life to ur life. Invigorate your life.