A beautiful story on responsibility

Characters mentioned are imaginary.

Karthik : Hey Janu, it is getting late for me. I am leaving to office. Pappu(their child) is trying to open the acid bottle. Take it from her sight.

Janu (In the kitchen) : Okie Karthik. I will do that. You carry on.

—- Janu forgets and the child opens the bottle and tastes it and the child dies on the way to the hospital —-

Janu (Crying and Calling Karthik) : Hello Karthik. Pappu drank some acid and she is no more. It is all my fault. I am sorry.

—- Janu is really afraid to see karthik. Karthik arrives at the hospital. She comes to him, cries and says sorry. She was expecting a slap.—–

Karthik (Crying) : It was my fault as well. I could have taken it from her sight when I saw her playing with it. I am responsible for whatever happened. We lost our cute kid.

We, on many occasions, blame others without knowing that a part of the mistake was on our part. Let us be true to ourselves and be responsible for our actions.


Should love end in marriage?

Each one of us defines love differently and it is a little controversial to write a post on this.

  • Love at first sight
  • Love through first call (phone)
  • Love through first chat (Internet)

Are these love or attractions? ๐Ÿ™‚

Probably you may feel very comfortable when you see or talk to the opposite sex the first time but that cannot be love. It is the mere attraction that makes you talk to them again and in the process you may fall in love or move away from the other. But there can be no love at first sight. ๐Ÿ™‚

Are people who marry after love happy? Not really. Some remain happy. Some apply for divorce. Some adjust and live amidst frustration.

I would like to talk about the people who say ‘Love is pure and it should happen only once in life’. These people restrict their emotions and place a constraint on their selves. When people of these cadre get together and start loving each other, they feel so happy in the beginning. As days pass by, they get to know each others’ characteristics completely some of which may frustrate the other. They tend to forget the frustrations as they do not meet regularly and they say ‘Love happens only once and he/she is the only one I can marry’. Not only characteristics bother the other but also there are many other factors like job, intimacy, money, appearance etc that bothers the other. They get married with all these thoughts in mind. After marriage, they see these habits daily and each one forces the other to change. Arguments grow and finally divorce happens or happiness is lost. When you can truly adjust with the other, then the result would be positive.

If you feel that you will not betray your loved one, then ask yourself a question “Am I saying this because I have loved or is this feeling coming naturally to me?” If your feeling is natural, cheers mate. Else, give a lot of analysis on your love. When oneโ€™s frequency is the same as the other and when oneโ€™s characteristics are not bothered by the other, their marriage results in happiness. Do not go blindly by your definitions of love and do not spoil your kid’s future in the end by creating unhappiness in the family by marrying him/her. If one feels one cannot move on further, better break up.

In any love, intimacy matters a lot. When you get the insecure feeling or when you feel much dissatisfaction with the relationship, discuss with your loved one on the aspects that need more homework. If no option is working out to make things alright, just break up. Love teaches you how to live and love does not mean marriage always. Though love involves conversing like a husband and wife, it doesnโ€™t mean you are to be married unless you like each other the same amount till the end.

Psychology experts say that a average person falls in love 7 times. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot win psychology. There may have been people who found their partners, RIGHT PARTNERS, and they stick on to it without falling in another relationship. But the count is very few. Not everybody gets to know the right person soon. Also, not everybody chooses the right person many times ๐Ÿ™‚ When the intimacy is not lost, when each of them is willing to change for the other, when each of them is able to accept some differences in the other, when ego clashes don’t happen often, love ends up in a happy married life. I have seen my cousins getting married after they loved each other the SAME AMOUNT till the very end. ๐Ÿ™‚