Donate your eyes

Blind kids

I saw my parents,

I loved their affection

I saw my friends,

I loved their company

I saw the nature,

I loved its magnificence,

I saw the stars,

I loved its spark

I saw the brown eyes,

I loved its beauty

I saw myself,

I loved the creator

I saw darkness,

I loved the candle

I saw a blind person,

I loved to be a candle

For a moment of darkness, we light a candle. Why don’t we do that practically by lighting candles for people who witness darkness permanently? Please donate your eyes.

There are some who fear donating their eyes due to superstitious beliefs. There is a belief that the person will be reborn with disfigurement if his eyes are donated. How do they know this? Was someone alive in his/her family or friends circle till his/her rebirth? 🙂  Eye removal does not cause any disfigurement. There are also instances where a person’s kidney is removed due to certain complications. This doesn’t mean that a person will be reborn without a kidney. There are also instances of heart transplantation. According to the above logic, the person who donated his/her heart cannot experience rebirth as the major factor, heart, is missing. 🙂

Donate your eyes and show someone the world. 🙂

Sankara Nethralaya (C U Shah eye bank, Chennai) eye bank’s number – 044-28226694. Call this number and give them your address and contact number and a form will be sent to you. Fill in the details, sign it and send it back to them. Now, you have done something great!!! – You can find the details about eye donation process.

Also, the below link contains the list of eye banks in India and their contact numbers. Numbers may have changed in some places. If numbers have changed, kindly search with the eye hospital name in google.


Would you TRY again?

People try to do so many things but they end up doing something else or they end up doing only a part of it.

You say that,

You try your best to become more knowledgeable but you read newspapers and watch news channels for a short time.

You try to be the best sportsperson but you end up inconsistent in practicing.

You try to be the best speaker but your efforts to attain the zenith of speaking skills are likely to be futile.

You try to make things look easier in life but you do not take the responsibility of making it easier.

You try to start your preparations for higher studies but you postpone it for some reason.

You try to be a better person but you do not take up every opportunity that would make you a better person.

You try to rectify your mistakes but you redo it after sometime.

You say ‘I will try to go to Mr.X’s house today’ but you would not.

You say ‘I will try to do the household chores as my mom asked me to do’ but you would do nothing or do something.

And so many other tries. How many of these tries have succeeded? A few? None? Any of these two is possible when you utter the word TRY. It is a way of telling a lie to you. We just find a way to escape responsibilities by using the word ‘try’. Actions seem incomplete in most of the cases when ‘try’ is used. For the plans to succeed to the fullest extent, strong statements such as ‘I must do this’ would suffice. When we do this, the surge in the success rate of our plans seems to be phenomenal. Each one of us can imagine the successes and failures in our lives and check out the usage of ‘try’ and ‘must’. You would probably see that the successes were due to your determined ‘must’ and failures were due to your lethargic ‘try’. Even though the usage of ‘try’ cannot be avoided in certain places, it must be drastically reduced.

T-Takes R-Revenge on Y-You. It doesn’t help you in achieving your goals and hence I have expanded it this way. 🙂

A fulfilling relationship after marriage

The major cause for a relationship to be regarded with disdain is due the words “I am what I am” that are uttered often without the willingness to change. Just stop uttering the above mentioned words and practice the act of giving up for your spouse’s wish at least to an extent. I know a few girls who say that I will not cook after marriage and let the guy or his parents cook. Their anger is that girls were made to cook always. But it doesn’t mean girls shouldn’t cook. I always go with the statement “Create a daughter and not a cook”. But a statement such as the one said above, when it is uttered repeatedly, it will make them confine themselves to one particular wrong thought. This makes the family atmosphere hostile. Put across three questions for you “Have I taken an extreme step? Will this affect the family environment? Did I talk to my spouse about this issue before?” If your answer is a ‘YES’ for first two questions and a ‘NO’ for the last one, it is time for you to change. I don’t understand when people say ‘Learning never ends’ and at the same time say ‘I cannot change’. When learning never ends, change is in progress every second.

Arguments on small issues are present in each family. Do not contemplate and continue arguing. Argument is just an argument. You can hug or kiss your spouse and say a sorry for arguing too much and a thank you for time pass. You have a solution. over 🙂 When you start contemplating on what he/she said and continue arguing, you tend to lose your healthy mindset and you get a little frustrated. One important aspect is that no one is bad at thinking unless they think bad. So accept each others’ views if they are not bad. When it comes to argument on issues relating to parents of the spouses, each of them should talk considering the spouse’s parents as their own parents. Things would be fine 🙂

Possessiveness can come into picture when he/she has more friends of the opposite sex or when he/she had an affair before. You can be possessive but limit the extent of being possessive. While being possessive, imagine yourself in the position of your spouse. You will not find anything wrong if you are practical enough. If you do find something wrong about it or if someone told you something about your spouse’s behavior, talk to your spouse first. Narrate what you feel and discuss with him about the same. Leave out all your assumptions and preconceived opinions and make things clear through discussion. Also, see to that you reveal everything to your fiancé/fiancée before marriage.

Keep saying ‘I don’t mind if I change my thought process. After all it leads to better living and better health’ 🙂 Everybody commits mistakes. Not everybody learns from them. I guess this is the difference between life well lived and a life lived in a well. 🙂

Bride moving to groom’s house – Does it make sense?

In the past, joint families were more common. Now, nuclear families have become more dominant. But some call nuclear families as joint families. When asked why, they said ‘If husband and wife are together, then it is joint family”. Oops 🙂 The divorce cases in India are rising day by day. Hmmm this is a separate topic to argue on. However, be it any type of family, the bride has to move to the groom’s house after marriage.

It is well known that male dominance was too much in the past and men were given more importance and as a result of which many methods were devised in favor of men. But I just presume that this issue of bride moving to groom’s house would have been devised in men’s favor. I am just presuming. Anyway, decisions are to be taken based on present scenarios. Even philosophy changes with everyday’s reality. When I asked about this issue to some people, most of them elders, they said ‘This is our system and tradition. What is this stupid question’. Am I stupid? 🙂

When a person talks about tradition, he/she should be highly traditional and should follow it completely. Our tradition is not wearing jeans. Is it that people can wear jeans, skirts, blazers etc but they want to follow the tradition in other aspects? It sounds so stupid. They reason it out saying that they want to change their way of dressing according to today’s world but they don’t change their views when it comes to certain other aspects of culture. This seems to be a huge paradox. There are other scenarios where people blindly follow traditions. You would have come across people who gave you money instead of gifts and that money would have denominations like

100 * 1 = 100

1* 1 =1

Total = 101 🙂

I don’t understand why they stress upon giving that 1 rupee coin along with 100 or 500 or 50 rupee notes. When asked why they do this, no one will know and they will answer it quite easily saying that it is our tradition.

I gave much thought into this aspect at hand. I don’t like girls arguing ‘Why isn’t the groom sent to bride’s house’. Is that revenge? Oh please. Stop the crap. Think in a way that would have an end to the problems and not in a way that would bring in more problems. I would want both families to be together. That would happen if the boy and girl follow the below mentioned points.

  • The feelings of his/her spouse and their parents should be respected and all should be treated equally.
  • The bride and groom’s parents shouldn’t have ego clashes. The boy and girl should sort those out if there are any between their parents.
  • You may take 1000 steps to reach top of the hill but just 1 step to go to the valley. Relationship between husband and wife should be dealt with properly. That is the responsibility of both the boy and the girl. (There will be a separate post on this)

I am hunky-dory with both families uniting in a marriage. Can anyone who reads this post give me one valid reason for the bride to move to the groom’s place after marriage? If not, leave your views on what can be done regarding this. 🙂