Sunday Fun – B11 Gettogether

B11 refers to my TCS ILP(Initial Learning Programme)(Training Phase) batch in Bhubaneswar. This batch had a diverse population with people from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Indore, Delhi, Bangalore, Kerala and Gujarat. It was ultimate fun with B11. 🙂 We joined TCS on 27th of june 2007. It was the end of 2 years and the end of the bond on 27-jun-2009. Kavi, Dinesh and I had planned for a gettogether for the B11 guys who were in chennai in the blue lagoon resort, ECR. Kavi and I fixed up the itinerary and we had lots of imaginations running in our mind before that day. We had planned to assemble there at 9am and so we both came to the resort at 8.30am to make things ready before people arrive. Sharp at 9, another guy arrived. Another guy came at 9.15. Games were planned from 9.45 till 11.30 and then we thought of getting into the swimming pool. But the irony is that the rest of the guys came to the resort at around 11.15 🙂 All plans were shattered. But still we didn’t miss out on the fun. We started playing the fun games at 11.45. Balloon fighting is a game where balloon will be tied at the back of each person’s leg and then people will have to start running around trying to break the other person’s balloon with their legs. If a balloon tied to a person’s leg bursts, he is out of the game. The video below shows the final phase of the game. 🙂

Then we played ‘egg placement game’ in which 2 guys have to stand back to back and an egg has to be placed inbetween their backs. They have to bring the egg down without it breaking. Just imagine this. Those two guys will be in a kind of mess, if the egg breaks 🙂 Then we guys went for swimming and came out with great deal of hunger to the restaurant in the resort. Lunch was yummy. We had plans of going to the beach after lunch but it started raining heavily. But none of us were bothered and we challenged the nature by playing in the heavy rains in the beach with the ball. After sometime, nature won the game and it told us to get out of that place. 🙂 Kavi and I had a surprise for everyone that evening. Here it is!!!! Yummmy cake.


 B11 175

Half of this cake was on our faces at the end. We just ate little 🙂 Now it is time to depart!! And the gettogether ends with great deal of happiness on everyone’s face 🙂


Sunday Fun – My Best class ever

Fun Part:

My Best class ever was 10th Standard.. It was total fun. I knew nothing other than fun. I knew nothing other than talking in the class and getting caught. The first time I wore stylish spectacles and got teased for that. The first time wrestling happened inside the class and stone cold steve austin will be fighting against rikishi & shawn michaels most of the time where stone cold is none other than me 😉 This class was a mix of everything. Highly humorous , highly studious, highly arrogant, highly playful, too calm, highly helpful etc. are the factors that describe various students in this class. Everything was extreme and hence the term ‘highly’ 🙂 Diverse nature of people made the class lively and we did adjust with each one of them. There were PT(Playinfg time) hours where we travelled to other school campus and played cricket. The day we had PT, we used to form cricket teams in the periods before it without listening to the classes. We would act as if we were touring pakistan for a cricket match 🙂 PT hours would arrive. We would start off with our bats, ball, stumps and start playing. We would be cautious in the way we play as girls would be playing throwball near us. Everybody wanted to prove a point saying hey ‘tina’, hey ‘seema’, hey ‘x’, hey ‘y’, i am the best here 😉

Coming to the class hours.. OMG!!!! did we ever listen to one of the classes? The way we made fun of our our ‘Botany teacher’ who would dress like a model at the age of 55 🙂 and our history teacher was nothing more than a ARTS College student would do. There is some kinda bonding bet me and my history mam. Nearly 75% of her classes i have stood outside 🙂 Someone would make some noise and keep quiet and I will be the person laughing nonstop like madhan bob(Actor) and will get caught. She would stare at me even now if I go to school. Awesome bonding between us. Also the sound that comes from my maths mam to indicate silence. ‘Ssssssss’ – sound of a snake. The whole class will repeat the sound after she does it..:)

Did I do something useful?

Ofcourse yes. There was this RSP(Road Safety Patrol) club where our class members were most active and we are still remembered for that. The time when we used to stand in front of our congested school roads and regulate the traffic was awesome and it is unforgettable. We felt the pains of the traffic police. We had some kind of satisfaction doing that. We were asked to continue that for the next 2 years by the staffs on their seeing our dedication. Also, I used to score low in tamil always and my mom was afraid that I would do badly in 10th xams. My tamil mam conducted high achievers class for a selected few who were performers in that subject. I, without any hesitation, went to her and said ‘I also would like to be part of this class as I wish to improve in tamil’ and she agreed with a smile and appreciated me for my interest to improve. My score started to shoot up everytime after that. 🙂

Things that i couldnt understand:

There was a guy who scored 97 without writing 2 essay questions 🙂 Reason being that mam likes that guy very much. He got badly teased for that. 🙂

The same guy who told that my friends had copied in the test, showed his answer paper the next time to the girl sitting next to him and told us that “I didn’t know what to do when she asked me” 🙂

The days when I went to the front of the class as a representative and wrote the names of my classmates who were talking and put an ‘X’ mark in the side of the names if they spoke twice. 🙂

What does ‘You Can Impress People’ mean?

I think it is high time that I write about what ‘You can impress people’ means. I have been getting comments from many people that we do not live to impress people and that we do not agree with what is mentioned in the title. Practically, the truth is that everybody will impress people in some or the other way. When you are asked ‘who is your role model?’ , you say ‘Mahatma Gandhi, ‘My dad’ , ‘My bro’, ‘Mr.Abdul Kalam’ etc.. Why are they your role model? The only possible answer for this question would be that they impressed you with some qualities of theirs. Say you are little short tempered and you tease a guy to the core in your class every day and he keeps smiling at you. Wouldn’t you get impressed with his easy going attitude? People tend to try those which have impressed them. These trials turn into habits. These habits in turn impress others. Wouldn’t you have come across people saying “You are so patient. I will have to learn from you” , “You are so optimistic” , “You tend to help so much without any hesitation”??? 🙂

And my titlle never states that “You have to impress people ” or “You do things to impress people”. It says “You can impress people” which means that you have some positive qualities by which others will get impressed. So you have impressed some. And this leads to the title “You can impress people”. 🙂

Part 1

1) A very sweet conversation between mom and her small kid

Kid : ma, how did I come into this world

Mom : God sent u here dear..

Kid : But i came out from ur stomach right?

Mom : yeah dear.. God put you inside my stomach..

Kid : Didn’t it pain for you when he cut your stomach and put me inside?

Mom : Had little pain.. But when he put a healing medecine for my pain and worries inside my stomach(which is you), all pain went off.. 🙂

Kid : God is very nice ma.. He doesn’t trouble ppl. And when he troubles them, he gives them a solution.


2) Ram : I work in the electronics industry

Sam : I work in the IT industry

Ram : What is your pay?

Sam : 1lakh per month. And what is your pay?

Ram : Happiness 🙂

Give it a thought.. 🙂

Responsibility is a must!!!!

The 2nd most important aspect after motivation is responsibility.

  • When the Government says ‘ban smoking in public places’, many police officers continue to smoke in public places.
  • When teachers play a huge role in bringin up the students, most just read from the books.
  •  When Abdul Kalam says ‘ the future is in the hands of the youth’, half of them spoil their life at a very young age by indulging in every possible bad habit.
  •  When politicians say that they would save the nation, they tend to save themselves for the next election.
  •  When someone points out a mistake in you, you tend to give excuses and you tend not to accept it.
  •  When the Government tells the filmmakers to put ‘madhu arundhudhal udambuku kaedu'(drinking is bad for health ) when a drinking scene appears in film, why do TASMAC shops increase?
  • When people talk about corruption and when they hate it, they continue to be a part of encouraging corruption by giving money to people.
  • When HR says do not violate the dress code, they themselves violate it.
  • Ego clashes in love. No one comes to convince the other and each one keeps waiting for the other to talk .
  • We throw all possible things on the Indian road.
  • PL says that I would rate based on your performance and he rates you based on the number of hours you stay.

All these negative issues would turn out positive , if each individual takes up the responsibility to do the right thing. For example, when you go to a company and when you see none of the employees wearin t-shirts , you would for sure wear formals. These should start from the higher management people. Anyway, to be more specific, responsibility is related to every individual.

Responsibility = response + ability = Ability to respond to a particular situation.

Every individual is trusted with certain responsibilities. Every responsible action of yours will make India a developed nation. We guys have a bad attitude of pointing fingers at others when we are asked to do something. Are you people dumb that you cannot do it? NO. You fear ‘responsibility’. You succeed by learning and not by fearing. I was one among the three who took the responsibilty of organizing the wayanad trip. I took up the responsibility of blocking the tickets and booking the resort for 22 people. It was quite hard as I had only 15 days left to do all these. I spent half of my each day with google searching for various options. Location of resort, availability of cottages in the resort, Games, Swimming pool, Ambience, Food, Cost per head, Campfire, hospital availability nearby, location of tourist spots near the resort were the factors taken into account. Finally, I was able to book 5 cottages in the Karapuzha resort but without swimming pool.

We started from mysore to wayanad and had a nice time in our journey but when we reached wayanad , we couldn’t spot the correct route as the driver wasn’t sure of that particular area. After nearly one and half hours of searching, we found the resort with the help of resort person who came to help us and we reached around 3.45pm. It was a SCENIC BEAUTY. Resort looked awesome. Full of greeneries, cottages seemed different and too good and a lake nearby. I would not expect more than this. We guys didnt have lunch and so we had some nice snacks with tea/coffee. We couldn’t go out that day as planned, as it was raining heavily. Time for dinner!!!! We ordered yummy food. Everybody was so hungry. Oh my god, what is this??? dinner?? shitttt.. 😦 But we did have whatever they provided, as we were so hungry. I was helpless with the food they provided. I didn’t know this would happen. We went to all possible places the next day(saturday) and had nice lunch in a hotel. This was also a hotel where I asked for accomodation but they said 22 was a huge number 🙂 The same problem recurred that night for dinner. We were frustrated. But had whatever they gave us. I should thank people for adjusting at that point as I really felt the hunger everyone had. We did leave for soochipara falls on sunday morning where we enjoyed the most. And then left to mysore from there.

After the trip, I heard few people saying ‘ You have not organised well’, ‘ You could have organised better’ , ‘ You have seen a resort in the remote location and we couldnt access every place’, ‘ we didnt utilize our time properly coz of the resort location’. Thanks to all these comments 🙂 The truth is that many places were near that resort. But the resort person said that ‘not all of you guys will be able to trek in such places’. Taking 22 people into account, I and karthik changed the itinerary. But I learnt that ‘people’s ability to visit places’ is also a factor to consider when I organize the next time. I learnt many things during this process 🙂 You will face criticisms and receive appreciations when you take up the responsibility. Like a coin has two sides, so does a responsibility.

Stop pointing fingers, take up the responsibility, begin learning. 🙂

Feel at ease.. Smile :)

1) (In a s/w Industry) Guys come here. We  have a team meeting.

—About what sir??

Assemble in the conference room. I will let u know.






the meeting is all about

‘When to have meetings????’ 🙂

2)A peron enters hospital and reads the sign board there ‘way to go up’.. 🙂

3)SE – s/w engineer

Mr. X : how long do u work?
SE : 12 to 13hrs a day..
Mr. X : I asked how long do u work leaving out having status meetings, project related meetings, attending onsite calls, mailing the status, going for breaks.

SE : Do i work then????? 🙂


4) Mr. X : Do you know any other word for relax?

     Mr. Y :  Bench 🙂



Preconceived opinions kill you!!!

Smoking happens to be a preconceived opinion such as ‘I am not fit to be in college if i do not do this’,’Why not give company to my friend so that he would like it’, ‘Why not relieve my stress thru’ this as many say it would be helpful’ , ‘Some girls would think that i am manly if i do this’, ‘I have got to experience everything in life’ etc. Chauvinism takes its root from these preconceived opinions.

Men thought and some still think that,

Women are not fit to compete in elections.

Women are always inferior when compared to men

Women are best suited to be a home maker

Women shouldn’t get more salary than them(atleast in a family)

Women should do all the household chores

Dowry is a must because they think that everybody are depending on them and that they are very superior.

Women rely on them for money when they plan for an outing.

Women thought and some still think that,

Men are less responsible than them

Men do not appreciate them

Men do not understand their expectations

Most men go blindly by their appearances

Men behave cheaply when standing in the bus

Men do not share women’s burden (Parenting, household chores)

All these are preconceived opinions. You will be led astray by these opinions. I do agree that some men and women think that way. But none of us can generalize based on the opinion of some.

Lot of these have changed now. It is almost a stage where men and women are equal. Dowry is getting abolished slowly. There are women ministers. Men take equal responsibility in parenting nowadays. Men and women have started complimenting each other regularly. When a person doesn’t understand your expectations, why dont you spell it out to them. They may consider it. Instead, you start forming an opinion.

Why did so many things change? It is because that they realized that these are all preconceived opinions and that they didn’t make any sense. The same way all evil can be abolished. The poll below was created to illustrate if people had preconcieved opinions and it was proven there. So leave out all your assumptions, presumptions and preconceived opinions and lead a fulfilling life. 🙂