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Will you motivate yourself???

The first step towards reaching the blog title is ‘Motivation’. Motivation is the drive towards our goal. We cannot live without that. Every single thing achieved by us is because of it. If a person asks me if you can motivate me. i would say ‘NO, I cant’. Motivation can only be done by you. I can only inspire him/her so that he/she motivates himself/herself. Inspiration is just a thought. Motivation is action. When you take up a task, you start off in a efficient manner. After few days, your efficiency gradually reduces. This is due to lack of motivation. Motivation is like fire – And it is your duty to add fuel to it so that it remains till you achieve your goal.

There are different kinds of motivation. External motivation, Internal motivation and Motivation out of Fear. External motivation is something that makes you act till others inspire you with their thoughts. Motivation out of fear — Your dad tells you to get above 1000 in 10th or else he says that he would use his stick. You learn out of fear and you succeed. But for long term goals, motivation by fear will not work. At some point of time, you will say ‘i need a longer stick as i am used to the existing one’. Of these, the most beneficiary would be the internal motivation.

You could take Sarath Babu for instance. Brought up in a poor family, he starved for food. He started going to high school when he was 13. He couldnt speak good english. With loads of hardwork, he got into BITS,pilani. From there, with a very little ability to communicate in english, IIM was not far for him. He studied lots of english grammar books, spoken english and so on which brought out the fluency in him. I have seen many people saying “I have come from a small village and i cannot compete with such a huge number when it comes to communication”. I would say that you don’t motivate yourself. You are a kind of pessimistic person when it comes to challenges.

When people criticize us, most of us break down. But when you are strong on your goal and when you start motivating yourself, criticisms go into pieces. They shatter. I would find me as an example for going through so many criticisms in my life. I have felt bad so many times. Oops!!! That is past tense. Right now, I will just not bother about those criticisms. I am a very strong person at heart and I attained this stage through lot of self analysis and practice. In the initial stages it was Kicha who helped me out. I should realy thank him. He is one of the best persons i have ever come across in my life. 🙂 You realy cannot go down by what people in college say. Teasing happens to be a process. These processes keep FORKing(UNIX) more processes. To still remain as what you are, you got to back yourselves. Keep saying your motivating statement inside your heart, and things will seem funny for you. 🙂

Example Taken from ‘You Can Win’ Book :

There was a boy who used to practice football so much after school hours and also regularly. His dad would be sitting near the stands. There was a tournament approaching. This boy wasn’t there in the team. He was used as a reserve. When the tournament started, he didn’t turn up. It was the finals after four days of football. The boy turned up and he pleaded to the coach that he wanted to play. The coach didn’t let him in the team stating that he was not efficient enough when compared to others. Finally, on seeing the boy pleading so much, he offered him a chance. He played like a house on fire. Almost everytime he got the ball, it turned out to be a goal. After the game , the coach met the boy and said that your dad would turn up to see you practicing everyday but where is he now. The boy said ‘Everyday he would turn up to see nothing as he is blind. He passed away 4 days back. This is the first time he is seeing me from above and so i wanted to play’. This boy had been motivating himself without which nothing could have happened.

Keep uttering repeatedly some inspiring word or statement. If you get a negative thought, immediately chant your mantra to get on with your goal. Do not allow negative thoughts to dominate you. Else, you will become a pessimist.


Magazine Transformed Me!!!!!

Was this the day?? A transformation happened thru’ a magazine!!!!! OMG!!! I just dont read books and I have hated them.. I felt bored and I took out a magazine and in just 30mins time , half the book had been browsed thru’. I dont read in that speed as well. Am a very slow reader.. I just wanted such motivating words which would take me to the pinnacle of success. You know what?? I am so excited.. I feel fresh at 12am.. I would like to quote something from that book that i loved to read and I read it nearly 20times.


If things can be controlled, then something can be done about it. So why worry? if things are not under control, then nothing can be done about it. So what is the point in worrying about it? For everything under the sun, either there is a solution or none. If there is one, find it. If there is none, why mind it. What cannot be cured must be endured. Like smoking and drinking, worrying too is a learned habit. What can be learned can be unlearned. Through systematic thinking, outgrow from being a ‘problem finder’ into a ‘solution seeker’. Think your ways out of your worries. – Voice of Love

and this poem THE POWER OF ONE

One song can spark a moment,

One flower can wake a dream.

One tree can start a forest,

One bird can herald a spring.

One smile begins a friendship,

One handclasp lifts a soul.

One star can guide a ship to sea,

One word can frame a goal.

One vote can change a nation,

One sunbeam lights a room.

One candle wipes out darkness,

One laugh will conquer gloom.

One step must start each journey,

One word must start each prayer.

One hope will raise our spirits,

One touch can show you care.

One voice can speak with wisdom,

One heart can know what’s true.

One life can make the difference

You see, it’s up to YOU!

Have i missed out on magazines till now??? oh no.. hey hey wait. I will not worry again. There is a solution 🙂 So i have found out n am gonna start reading them.. No more missing these beautiful thoughts, inspirational words and the lovely feeling of reading it. Name of the magazine is “Frozen Thoughts”.. Wide range of topics have been covered. Right from schooling to professionalism. It was an awesome experience. I mean it 🙂



Poll Results!!!!

That was just a small poll to test your emotions. For those who thought of the 1st option and 3rd option, you are on the safer side.. 😉 When you drink staining liquids like tea, coffee or red wine, usage of straw minimizes the contact between the staining liquid and your pearly whites(teeth) to a greater extent. These kind of remedies are prescribed by doctors as well. 🙂 So those people who use straw are not fools for sure. That might seem awkward but adds value and power to attract people when one says “CHEESE” 🙂 Even you can try this to protect your pearly whites 🙂


Transitions in life!!!!

Some types of emotions
Transitions in life are moulded with emotions which can be positive or negative. Positive ones being Awe, excited, Humorous, Hopeful, Joyful, Love, Sympathy etc and negative ones being Embarassed, Jealous, Annoyed, Anger, Apathy, Fear, Shame, Confused, Indifferent etc. Many term people as highly emotional when they cry. Even if you smile, i would say that you are highly emotional. 🙂 Crying becomes a positive emotion when you bring in optimism with that. How many times would have you come across this statement “boys shouldn’t cry”??  Oops!!!!!! We termed that!!!! People who say that are mostly quite dominant in nature(That is my analysis on those people 🙂). Do leave your comments on the highlighted statement. 🙂 Emotions flow freely when they are not taught. You dont teach a born baby to smile or cry. It does on its own. Leave emotions to happen as such. Negative emotions need lot of self analysis which brings out positive transitions. So let us emote freely and start the journey with transitions and go ahead with further posts to reach the blog title 🙂